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EatIn is a win-win for your customers and the restaurant community.
Diners scan a QR code to view menu and order digitally, contact-free!
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Diners pay through the app so it’s secure, fast, and zero-contact!
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Enjoy a safe and stress-free dining experience for staff & guests alike!
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EatIn is endorsed by the Department of Tourism in their mission to make public spaces safe and stress-free for tourists and travelers around the country.
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Is EatIn a delivery service?

No, EatIn is not a food delivery service. It is a digital platform that enables safe, contact-free, and cashless dining inside restaurants in the new normal. It helps restaurants get back on their feet amid the COVID-19 crisis, so they can reopen and operate while keeping both staff and guests safe.

How does EatIn work?

EatIn provides restaurants with a platform for a digital menu, kitchen integration, and digital payments to allow for contact-free and cashless in-restaurant dining. It minimizes contact between restaurant staff and diners for a safer and more convenient restaurant dining experience.

Can I still use EatIn even if I don’t have a credit card terminal in my restaurant?

Yes. Thanks to our partnership with PayMaya, EatIn will be able to provide restaurants with a digital payment platform that makes it easier and more convenient for restos to receive cashless payments inside their restaurants.

What do I need to set up EatIn?

EatIn is on limited beta release of its Early Adopter Program, and we are working with DOT-accredited restaurants and other Early Adopters to enable EatIn for their restaurants. To learn more about how your restaurant can be a part of this, contact us here.

How much does EatIn cost for my restaurant?

EatIn charges a minimal fee and also offers EatIn Express as a free version for DOT-accredited establishments. To learn more about how your restaurant can be a part of this, contact us here.

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EatIn is supported by the Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)